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A few takeaways from studying Benji Bruce

This morning I stumbled upon some notes from a few years back when I was obsessed with Benji Bruce, and for good reason! For those not familiar with him, he is an absolute rock star who performed in the restaurant world before transitioning into the corporate world for years and now performing strictly as a motivational speaker making more money in a single month than most make in an entire year. I strongly recommend checking out the material he released to the magic community many years back on how to book more corporate gigs as it will elevate you to the next level as a magician. You can find his material on Penguin Magic. 

So this morning when I stumbled upon some old notes I took on his material, I was elated as it washed over me a flood of memories and inspiration to get back into performing corporate gigs. Here are some of my top takeaways from Benji Bruce, Hope you enjoy!

The Early Bird Books the Gigs:

- The key to making more money may be as simple as getting better at answering your phone. 

- Be the early bird and learn to reply faster.

- Promise customers that you will follow up with their inquiry in 24 hours or less.

-Create a better system for pro-actively following up w/ clients and you will book more gigs.

Get More Corporate Gigs:

-Understanding a market is the biggest asset any service business can have.

- Have you changed your business habits? If they have changed, your income has changed as well.

- Don't ever confuse effort with results.

-Read/ Listen to inspirational messages more.

- Create a scared space for your business.

- Be regular with food, exercise, and work!

Incremental Progress:

- Pushing yourself will stretch you.

- Even doing 5 min. longer will push you.

- It's never too late to change a poor work ethic.

- You didn't master your art easily, so treat it with respect.

- This business is an art.

Narrowing Your Niche:

- Success comes from Focus

- Aim your messages directly at one buyer

- Narrowing your niche will make you an authority instead of just an option


There you go, some of my top takeaways. Hope that gives you some good nuggets to chew on. Always remember that Magic is a business the golden rule is 20% magic, 80% business. 

Also, please go out and support your fellow Magicians. We are all one in the magic community and we all represent each other in good and bad light. Please if you got value from this post remember to go out and support Benji's work, you won't regret it!

Until Next Time,

Jordan Groll


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