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Celebrate the Art of Cardistry: Top Stories and Latest Trends

Welcome to another exciting update from our cardistry community! Today, we're diving into the latest and greatest happenings in the world of cardistry. Whether you're a seasoned cardist or a curious newcomer, there's something here to inspire your next move. Let’s shuffle through today’s top stories!

Cardistry-Con Celebrates a Decade

Cardistry enthusiasts from around the globe are gearing up for the 10th anniversary of Cardistry-Con, set to take place in Tokyo, Japan, from October 4-6, 2024. This monumental event promises a packed schedule featuring keynote presentations, panel discussions, and exclusive product releases from top brands. Whether you’re looking to learn new techniques or simply soak in the vibrant community atmosphere, Cardistry-Con is the place to be. Learn more about the event here.


Fresh Decks on the Market

The cardistry world is buzzing with the launch of several new decks that are set to redefine your cardistry experience. The “Honeybee Special Edition Playing Cards” in a striking pink hue and the much-anticipated “Undercover Fontaines” are a few of the new additions that are sure to be candy for the eyes. These decks are designed to enhance your flourishes with their superior handling and eye-catching designs. 

Kings of Cardistry: A Spotlight on Dan and Dave Buck

The dynamic duo, Dan and Dave Buck, continue to leave an indelible mark on the cardistry world. Known for their pioneering techniques and creative flair, they have helped elevate cardistry to a recognized art form. Their latest projects and tutorials are a must-see for anyone looking to push the boundaries of their card skills. Read more about their influence.



New Techniques and Tutorials

CRDSTRY has released a series of tutorials that cater to both beginners and advanced cardists. These tutorials cover everything from basic flourishes to intricate manipulations, providing a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to refine their skills. Whether you’re mastering the basics or exploring advanced techniques, these guides are an invaluable addition to your cardistry toolkit. Explore the tutorials.


Upcoming Cardistry Events

In addition to the excitement of Cardistry-Con, there are numerous local cardistry jams and workshops scheduled across various cities. These events are fantastic opportunities to connect with fellow cardists, share knowledge, and learn from each other in a supportive environment. Keep an eye out for our future events page which we'll be launching soon.


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Feel free to share your cardistry experiences and tag us in your posts. Let’s continue to celebrate the art of cardistry together!

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