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No such thing as an Overnight Success

Many people may think that success is a temporary event happening if you are fortunate to be in the right spot at the right time. But real success is achieved behind the shiny curtain and behind that cumulative moment that is mostly perceived as success. 

In reality though, victories are a product of the hard work that you put into what YOU REALLY want. It comprises and demands time. Victory is not a moment, or not a sequence. It is a harmonious progression of what you have done, far beyond crunch time. Success is the manifestation of thinking. It all starts with thinking and the right mindset.

Notice how I've stressed YOU and REALLY? First of all, you've got to look deep inside of you and decide what is best for you and not for anybody else. Your grandmother may love you but she might not pursue the same ideas and dreams that you do and with your intensity. 

Next, it comes down to the urge of what you love and aim. If you ponder, it might not be the right thing or possibly not the right time to pursue. 

So, be honest with yourself. Once you really know what you would like to be or to achieve you need to visualize your aims constantly. Thinking is an action. Actions pave the way for success. Start here and now. Self-mastery takes a lot of training. But remember, training is what it is all about. Victories are earned long before the first bell rings!


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