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Quality Matters

When Jack and I first got together in 2016 with the idea for a magic branded clothing line, we knew that quality of our apparel had to be priority. We tested many different types of materials and brand of tees until we finally settled on Bella + Canvas, a company who is trail blazing the industry standard in top quality clothing manufacturing.

Bella + Canvas is hands down our favorite tee to work with and time after time we continue to find ourselves coming back to it, here's why....

Bella + Canvas is based out of Los Angeles and has spent the last 20 years working on innovative ways to make sure that they can provide retail quality T-Shirts to the wholesale market. Where most companies would see insurmountable challenges when trying to keep every step of their process in the United States, Bella + Canvas simply changed the definition of insurmountable.

The entire sewing floor in Los Angeles, CA is completely solar powered. They have devised methods to reduce costs and their carbon footprint by creating a dye process that uses little more water than flushing toilet for every pound of material while other garment manufacturers use up to 15 gallons of water.

The Bella + Canvas “Be Different” slogan is catchy and it’s nice to see a company who truly strives to live up to the expectations they set with the public. All these combined things allow the company to employ more than 800 people and proudly say “Made in America”. 

They use Airlume Ring-Spun Cotton

Airlume Ring-Spun cotton is the top dog.  It is the highest quality ring-spun cotton can be. Bella + Canvas comb their cotton longer than other clothing manufactuerers, removing up to 2.5 times more impurities from their final material. 

First, what is ring-spun cotton?  Well, I am glad you asked!  Ring Spun is a process which takes cotton and spins it in such a way to create long, soft strands of cotton. This process repeated creates longer, softer, and more durable cotton fibers. Far exceeding the strength and softness of rawer materials found in lower quality clothing. There is a lot more that goes into this process, but now we have a basic understanding.

Airlume Ring-Spun Cotton is the top dog. It is the highest quality ring-spun cotton can be. Bella + Canvas talks on their website briefly about their process. They comb the cotton longer than most removing up to 2.5 times more impurities from the cotton creating a flat, uniform appearance to the shirt that provides a superior printing surface.

The super soft material is tightly weaved creating a jersey like fabric. Jersey knit cotton is weaved in a way that allows the cotton to stretch, and maintain its shape while remaining stronger than a standard T-Shirt to wear and tear.

Airlume cotton is noticeable from the moment you see your new shirt. It looks like quality, it feels like quality and it downright SMELLS like quality and Bella + Canvas contiues to deliver time after time. It is for these reasons that we choose to partner with Bella+ Canvas to print our original designs on the best quality material for our beloved fans. 

If you haven't already, shop the collection where we have over 80+ designs catered to magicians and cardists!

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