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The Magician's Everyday Carry: 3 of our Favorites for Impromptu Magic

In the world of magic, the ability to captivate and amaze an audience with impromptu performances can set a magician apart. For the wandering illusionist, the streets are a stage, and every interaction is an opportunity to leave someone in wonder. The key to these spontaneous displays of magic lies in the magician's everyday carry (EDC)—a selection of tricks and tools that are both practical and powerful, ready at a moment's notice. For magicians looking to enhance their everyday carry with impressive, easy-to-perform magic tricks that can captivate any audience, here are three highly recommended tricks from Penguin Magic:

  1. Lucky Lotto by Craig Petty: This innovative trick uses specially printed scratch-off lottery tickets to create a scenario where the magician can always predict the winning square, despite the audience having a free choice. It's an interactive trick that not only amazes but also leaves the audience with a memorable souvenir. This trick is praised for its ease of performance and adaptability to any performance style, making every performance a winning moment for both the performer and the audience.

  2. Vernet Classic Thumb Tip: A fundamental tool in the magician's toolkit, the thumb tip allows for a variety of vanishing and producing effects. It's a versatile gadget that can be used to perform countless illusions, making it an essential item for magicians of all skill levels.

  3. Steam 2.0 by Ali Nouira: This mind-reading effect uses secret technology to achieve the impossible, allowing the magician to read minds with an object that the public doesn't suspect. It's a powerful trick that comes complete with everything needed to perform, offering a high-impact effect that's still easy to carry around.

Each of these tricks provides a unique way to engage and astonish audiences, from predicting outcomes that seem entirely left to chance, to classic sleight of hand, to reading minds with cutting-edge technology. Whether you're performing street magic, at a party, or any impromptu setting, incorporating these tricks into your everyday carry ensures you're always prepared to deliver unforgettable moments of magic.


These three tricks represent the core of a magician's everyday carry, combining simplicity with profound impact. They require minimal props, can be performed in a wide range of settings, and offer a versatility that makes them suitable for audiences of all ages. Whether you're a seasoned magician looking to refine your EDC or a budding illusionist building your repertoire, mastering these tricks will ensure you're always prepared to spread wonder wherever you go. Remember, the true magic of impromptu performances lies not just in the tricks themselves, but in the joy and surprise they bring to those around you.

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