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Understanding Your Art with Jack Murdock

Magic can be a difficult craft to obtain. Where does one go to become a magician? I've wondered myself many times and still get asked this by intrigued onlookers that may want to become a magician. Some of us have been lucky for magic to come into our lives. To have mentors set us down the right rabbit hole. For others they must go out dig their own holes, hoping to find gold. Figuring out all by yourself can be tough especially when it's an art that shouldn't be figured out! Growing up all the way through high school I never cared for magic. It was only until summer before college that it bit me. Dressing up like the Joker for Comic Con, I wanted to learn a couple card tricks for the character. Then one day I picked up a Penny Saver ad that read, "Learn Magic for One Month Free!" That page caught my interest right away. Soon I met my first mentor, Adam Zax who owned a business called, "3 M Studios" where he taught Magic, Music and Martial Arts. In my first lesson I was shown how sacred the art is and took the, "Magician's Oath" before I could start knowing how anything was done. For a second I thought this was going to be a weird ritual leading up to some sacrifices. Coincidentally magic did become a ritual for me as everyday I started to practice. I loved how Master Zax compared Magic to Martial Arts. He used similar principles in misdirection or as we'd like to call it, focus of attention to fight his opponent or to fool the layman. I'm very thankful to have been taught under such great discipline because this is an art that needs to be treated with respect. Unfortunately now a days I feel like the art of magic is so convoluted with too many misconceptions. In the age of information kids can learn anything online. Even I check YouTube tutorials from time to time. However, most of the teachers online explaining the art have no respect or true understanding. Now don't get me wrong there are great teachers online too, but how do you decipher what's good or not? In my own opinion I believe you must do lots of research on the history of magic to understand and respect it. Do that by studying all the magic books at your local Library first, then go online to research more. If you happen to find a magic club join it. Seek out other magicians so they can guide you in the right direction. Give and take all the advice you receive from all magicians and use what works for you. The magic community can be quite intimidating. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The ones that respect the art understand how difficult it is to get in and will help you once they see your determination and respect for the art.The old timers know the art must be passed down to younger generations to keep it alive. There will be guys in the industry that are stand offish with an inflated ego that will discourage you. Don't let anyone get in your way of what you love no matter who they are. If you really love the art people will see that and they will want to help you succeed. Let's keep the Art of Magic Alive!
Jack Murdock
Co-Founder @Sleightlysmoking

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