Our Story

As CEO and Co-Founder of SleightlySmoking, a company that is fueled by passion and a relentless work ethic, I want to say welcome to the social media movement known as #SleightlySmoking and thank You for choosing our products for your magic and lifestyle needs.

Magic is a rapidly growing industry and there are many options when choosing what style is best for You. We want you to know that we are dedicated to producing the finest products with top quality material and eye catching designs that are specifically designed to give you a unique experience each time you go out on the streets to perform. We will never sacrifice quality for quantity and your overall perception as a magician will always be our top priority.

We are on a mission for change. Not only are we transforming the Magic industry, but we're out to change the world itself. Every single day, our team is innovating and building a movement powered by passion, discipline and an insane work ethic. If You give the movement and this company 100% we will always give You 200% back. 



My name is Jack Murdock and I've been doing magic for 12 years. I live out of my trailer/ RV and am based out of southern California. Periodically I like to take these wild road trips where I am gone for months at a time exploring the states. On these trips, I  often push myself to survive by busking/ doing shows on the streets. I am always amazed at how much I learn about passion, magic, and just life in general on every one of these trips as they push my boundaries and broaden my horizons and so I have continued these trips for the past 6 years. These epic journeys are often times the inspiration behind my designs, and I am ecstatic to bring them to light in the magic community.
Jack Murdock
(Co-Founder/ CDO)
My name is Jordan Groll and I've been performing magic for a whopping 14 years now. I have always loved the performance aspect of magic, but in the past few years of my career I've been bit by the entrepreneurial bug and have had an itch that needed scratched. This then is the solution to that itch. When I met Jack Murdock in the magic castle junior program in 2010, I instantly was drawn to him and his talents. Little did I know that he was also a gifted graphic artist and that 6 years later I'd have the brilliant idea to team up with him and start something bigger than ourselves. This is our contribution to the magic community. Let's make magic cool again, We'll need your help!
Jordan Groll
(Co-Founder/ CEO)


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