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Magicians Without Borders

We here at Sleightly Smoking are big on giving back to the community. We understand what it is like to have that little glimmer of hope that can make all the difference in a child's life. Our partner Magicians Without Borders,is a 501C(3) organization founded by Tom Verner, which performs magic shows for children in refugee camps, orphanages and hospitals around the world -often in war torn places where love, laughter and magic are desperately needed. 

Tom and his wife Janet, along with other magicians and theater teachers travel to El Salvador every three months where they perform for children in the countryside and are teaching magic and theater skills to a group of very poor teenagers. Magicians Without Borders sponsors a week long Magic, Theater and Art Camp for these chidlren who live in grinding poverty surrounded by brutal gang violence. These young magicians have already begun to perform in orphanages, hospitals and disaster areas in El Salvador. One day some of them may travel with Tom and Janet to bring magic and laughter to other poor chidlren in other parts of the world.

At the invitation of the United Nations, Magicians Without Borders created a magic show that teaches children and adults about HIV/AIDS. They perform this educational and inspiring show in refuge camps around the world. We fell in Love with Tom's work and thought what better way than to donate part of our sales? We have committed to donating $1 per sale to Magicians without Borders so that they may continue the good work and keep pressing forward towards a world for the better. You can learn more about them through the link or video below.