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Magic Podcast

OC's Premier magic podcast produced by Sleightly Smoking Magic Threads and Co-Hosted by Magicians Jordan Groll and Jack Murdock. This podcast is interview style where we bring on some of the best and brightest in the Magic community today and dig deep picking their brains and how they think. The podcast is focused on providing value and helping you to accelerate the learning process as a modern day magician. If you're looking to take your magic to the next level and be entertained by humorous magic stories, this is the podcast for You!

 What Our Listeners are Saying:

"Great Podcast. Some great guests and great information being shared! Any magician would benefit from listening to this! Keep it up guys!"

-Allecazam Magic

"Epic! I was told about your podcast by a friend and really love the conversations you have with your guests. I find Illusion so fascinating. Ready for more episodes!"

-Boom Mueller

"There's the magic that we love...then there's the magic that we don't get to see all that often. Jordan and Jack take us behind the scenes of what makes magicians keep doing what they do, and teaches us a few valuable lessons just in the first episode. Can't wait for what's coming up in the future!"

- Austin Liang 

"Fully enjoyed it. Went at a good pace, not too fast. These guys definitely have potential"   

- Don Burzynski

"Sleightly Smoking is PURE Fire! A great introduction to the fantastic world of magic! Highly enjoyed the casual conversations between these 2 experts." 

- Dennis Escobar

"Great Show! Love the uncanniness of this podcast, and the great wisdom they always bring to the table!" 

- Bee Lover